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I am writing on behalf of my friend Karen. Karen and I’ve been close as sister-type-friends since 1977. She has done so much for me and mine. Karen is about to lose her house and all she has to show for decades of work in the public school system. Karen has done all she can to not fall behind, and she has maxed out four credit cards trying to save her home. Here is her history:

Her husband died of complications from Cystic Fibrosis 2004. At that time Karen was making around $80,000 with a 12-month school job; they also had his small disability check and worked a small part-time job as his health permitted. With that they were able to pay their bills and help families in need. If there was anyone who needed a hand, they were always generous in providing clothing, food and even toys to children. (He wasn’t supposed to live more than a few years after birth in the early 1950’s, but exercise from playing hockey and in later life a lung transplant kept him until he was in his 50’s.)

Following his death, Karen was very sick for several months, but thought it was a combination of exhaustion, mourning and an unknown virus that was killing people—after all she had spent six weeks at the hospital with him after working in a school all day. Over the years she has come to learn she has lupus plus other serious complications complication such as malignant hypertension. Her health forced her to retire, and she now struggles to work 20 extra days to supplement her teacher retirement of about $2500 (the supplement is around $800 a month).

Four years ago her house was appraised at $500,000+, but now it is on the market for $270,000 for a “quick sale”. Her payments are $2000 a month and the bank “can’t help her” reduce the payment. However, the house is listed to a new buyer with 4% interest and a payment of $800 a month! My question is WHY can the owner NOT get the same interest rate and payment? (This is a beautiful cabin-type house with five acres and three bedrooms PLUS a double garage and an apartment above the garage.)

Because of her husband’s health Karen was never able to have children. She’s 59-years-old, in poor health and is going to lose the fruit of her years of labor (and her old dog is now having serious health problems). 

Is there any help for her? She isn’t behind on her mortgage, but has put utilities and her other bills on her credit cards, she borrowed from her supplemental retirement account (and was unable to repay that amount and has been fined on the $40,000 she withdrew just to make ends meet). All politicians say they are for the under-dog. This is a hard-working educator who is now in need of all the help that can be given to her.  

That’s her story…put Karen on your prayer lists for her house and her health (and her dog, too)…thanks a bunch! God will open doors that need to be open!