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Camp Farthest Out and other miracles…

Posted on: July 3, 2008

In the late 1970’s I read about a camp—Camp Farthest Out or CFO—where people go to rest with their families and get re-connected to God. I think it was in a book that referenced Jimmy Carter’s sister, Ruth Carter Stapleton. I just remember thinking how I’d love to find this camp. Then in 1982 a friend called and asked if I wanted to help with the youth.

In the council ring meeting (leaders) on the first day I was at camp, I remember a man saying that his kids picked CFO over the World’s Fair in Knoxville for the family vacation, because they loved CFO. I see that playing out now with my own children. My oldest is a youth leader this year. My youngest is so excited she can hardly contain herself, and says she is looking forward to CFO more than the trip to Disney World with her sister in August.

What makes CFO so special is that the power of God is so strong and people are so surrendered and things happen. As a need arises, it seems that someone comes along with a prayer or an answer. There have been times I’ve gone to camp barely able to crawl there spiritually.

This year I have no expectations, but am simply thankful that I can attend. The Lord worked out a summer school substitute and an understanding principal. As well the Lord has provided a fenced area for the dogs and a person to come feed them (I could buy 10 acres of land for what the vet would charge to board 3 dogs and a cat for a week). As well my best friend for the last 30 years is coming. She is very sick—has Lupus and extreme hypertension–but is making the trip down from Virginia. The night before we leave we’re having a house full of teens come over and eat Southern cooking! That means ribs, collards, corn bread and sweet tea.

 (The family on Father’s Day 2008).

There are lots of other exciting things brewing. My youngest is now swimming for a YMCA swim team AND she has won ribbons. She is being called an inspiration by some of the brass at the Y. She is overweight, but gets in there and competes as if she was Olive Oyle. (Did you know that swim meets that are not school-based last for six hours!?!?!). Her sister got her into it and now they are both swimmers.

I’m processing many thoughts as I go along, but haven’t felt compelled to write. I’ve been reading a great deal and sorting through questions. However for now we’re off to camp and time alone and away with God.


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