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So What About Sin????

Posted on: April 12, 2008

I’ve had inquiries about sin. What about sin and gay people?

As I lick the fried chicken grease off my fingers so it won’t get on the prayer list…maybe I need to tell the pastor that his sermon was great, even though I was making a list of how I want the remodel my house the whole time he was preaching.

Instead of looking outside at others—let’s take a look inside our own house: gluttony, gossip, lying and coveting. And the horses are out of the stalls and down the track…

I’m being a lot sarcastic here, but honestly think about what goes on in most American churches. Lots of judgment about people…eating big meals…talking about people (also see judgment)…wanting that big old gold Cadillac to show how great our faith is…and little white lies (by the way a “little lie” is like being a “little pregnant”).

Then there are situational sins. For example the girl who goes from guy to guy is called a harlot, whore, or fast. The teenage boy who screws around is just “sewing his wild oats”. Sex outside of marriage is sex outside of marriage.

So what about sin? Jesus has enough power to convict a person of sin, and then to change them. It’s all about the heart and what goes on inside. It is between the Lord and me.

I do know that Jesus was concerned about the condition of the heart. All the religious people of his day had the outside issues conquered, but inside they were a mess. And only God knows what is going on inside. Therefore, I spend my day working on my issues and trying to be more like Jesus…


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