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The Most Powerful Force on Earth

Posted on: March 22, 2008

I just read that a certain actress-singer said that she was “not a woman, but a force”. It made me laugh because I don’t connect to her “force” through intellect, culture or significant traditions in my life.

There are all kinds of forces: global and local. Most of us understand the force of the bully—the people who force us to do something we don’t want to do. These aforementioned “forces” have a certain amount of power within themselves, but they aren’t the force that can change the universe. And atomic bomb can altar things, but it truly isn’t the most powerful force on Earth.

The force I am talking about in the title goes beyond tolerance. It goes beyond all the criminal acts thrust upon mankind. It is called grace. Remember what the Amish people did for the shooter’s family, and that is a picture of what Jesus did for us. It is His footsteps that we are to walk in through our daily lives. The pastor in Colorado did it when he called in the family of the shooter to meet the victims’ family. When you heard what these people did, weren’t you in complete awe of their actions and moved deep within your soul?

This is Easter. Remember your loved ones both family and friend, and become a powerful force in their lives. It is very easy to run off to a mission in Africa or India or China to show love, but what about your daughter you kicked out because she was sleeping around? What about your son who is gay? What about your crabby old neighbor (can you bake her a pie)? As well, maybe you’re the GLBTQ offspring who has been treated without mercy by your fundamental parents. Extend to them the love of Jesus.

Show these people the power of the Resurrection in your life! That’s the most powerful force on Earth.


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