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Full Week

Posted on: March 16, 2008

dsc_0826.jpg (Here I am being interviewed by GCN-TV)

I’ve just finished a very busy week. At times it has felt like I’ve crossed the US on a non-stop trip in a VW Beetle. We started with the National Religious Broadcasters Convention at the first of the week. I was interviewed on a couple of television programs. On one I followed someone who does interviews all the time and was quite animated. Oh well, at least I wasn’t like “The Culhanes” (the people on the sofa) on Hee Haw. It was fun being there again.

School days were full with many meetings. We’ve jumped into testing already. Thanksfully this week is Spring Break.

Hope you have a good week. This is Holy Week and next Sunday is Easter or Resurrection Sunday in my religious tradition. I’ll be blogging throughout the week. Blessings!


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Found you browsing my tags. As I skimmed what you write (your tags esp got my attention), I decided to go see what your book is about. I’ll be back!

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