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Reckless Abandonment

Posted on: March 3, 2008

One of my favorite plays is Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. What I love about it is that I’m reminded of how significant the small things are in life.

If any of us were to look at our life from God’s perspective we’d probably see that we’ve veered off the course that he set for us as we pursued the big ministry or the big money opportunities rather than the truly important things in life. When we pursue the BIG things we recklessly abandon the real treasure that God has given us.

I have numerous things I can think of from my life, and most would be totally boring to you. These exceptional moments didn’t require money, but time and being with the people who mean the most to me. Here is one: three years ago we were had on vacation in Florida. The girls opted to do one thing, but later truly wished they had gone to Disney World. Our money budgeted for this event was spent so my husband and I went to three—yes, 3—time share presentations to get tickets and money to send the girls to Disney World. We dropped them off at Disney World at four and we had a quiet dinner with a million funny stories to share with friends about our time share experience. Everyone has moments that bring a smile (even though the original experience may have been exasperating such as the old maid aunt who insists on sharing 500 slides of her recent vacation).

If I went back to my 12th birthday—like Emily Gibbs did in Our  Town, I would be living in Tuscaloosa while my parents finished coursework at the University of Alabama. Within three months we would move to our new town—the town I would forever call my hometown. My parents would be young; my dad would still be alive and in good health. Life would still be simple because it was 1966. That summer my brother and I went to see “Shower of Stars” (a concert) in Birmingham and a very young Jerry Lee Lewis went crazy on the piano.

What’s truly important is the same in all our lives: family and friends. Remember these moments with them are our treasures and God put us together in a relationship for a purpose. To allow a temporal situation such as hurt feelings or anger to interfere with that purpose can cause us to de-rail from our destiny with them. And when we stand before God, we don’t want to be reminded of how we recklessly abandoned our treasure.


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