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…and the Oscar goes to…

Posted on: February 24, 2008

In a few short hours the Academy Awards will be on television. I haven’t seen any of those nominated for best picture. Generally I like the ones that the critics hate such as Night at the Museum. This year, I understand, that an insignificant, independent film is the one that might win the big prize. It came out of no where and….well, we’ll see…

In the spiritual realm, many times the “sleeper”—the one we don’t pay attention to—is the one who is destined for the big prize. I could make a list of the most influential names in Christendom, or the ones who sell the most books, but do they have God’s ear? Who would be your pick for the person who has access to the throne of God? 

For me it would be Lois. She’s my mother’s good friend who, because of circumstances, can’t even be a Christmas and Easter church attender. Nonetheless, I can see God looking around when he hears her voice in prayer, because he is eager to talk with her. Why? Because she has nothing else to trust in but him. He gets her through terrible situations and sustains her through the most violent of storms. Her heart is totally fixed on him—and I know that he is equally fixed on her.

God wants our willing and committed heart. He wants us to be examining ourselves so that each day we’re willing to refine ourselves to be totally surrendered to him. It isn’t the big prizes here on Earth that are important. It is all about knowing him….knowing him like we know our best friend, our child, our husband…and loving him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


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